Comment 6 for bug 1719290

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

@hws @michael.holzheu @schwidefsky

It seems like schwidefsky updated s390 config upstream in v4.12 to remove -CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y for the zfcpdump_defconfig. Meaning any Linux on Z systems using v4.12+ default zfcpdump_defconfig from upstream linux source tree will get a bad configuration. It seems counter productive to ask all downstreams to patch for this config issue.

Are you going to get in touch with schwidefsky to re-introduce CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y in the zfcpdump_defconfig and get it applied in the stable trees too?

Also, i believe zfcpdump-kernel that we currently ship does have debugfs enabled. Are you using zfcpdump-kernel as provided in ubuntu? But we will note and will explicitely enable CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y when we refress zfcpdump-kernel with v4.13+.