Comment 0 for bug 1688132

Just loading the necessary modules is not enough to get a working IPMI system interface (/dev/ipmi0) on Cavium ThunderX CRBs, and other ThunderX-based Gigabyte servers. You have to do some magic:

echo ipmi_ssif 0x12 >/sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-4/new_device
  or maybe:
echo ipmi_ssif 0x12 >/sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-4/new_device

Loading the modules should be enough.

[Test Case]
sudo modprobe ipmi_ssif
sudo modprobe ipmi_devintf

Do you have a working /dev/ipmi0?
sudo ipmitool lan print

[Regression Risk]
The driver being fixed is only used on ThunderX-based systems, and is currently not usable w/o the above manual config.