Comment 3 for bug 1682215

Stephen A. Zarkos (stevez) wrote :


The test looks good, here are my repro steps:

 1) Create an Ubuntu 16.04 VM in Azure
 2) Attach 128GB data disk
 3) Partition and format the disk
    # wipefs --all /dev/sdc
    # sgdisk -Z /dev/sdc
    # sgdisk -n '1:2048::264191' /dev/sdc
    # mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc1

Expected result: mkfs should return very quickly because lazy_itable_init is enabled.

Actual test results:

  - Kernel 4.4.0-71.92: mkfs blocks and formatting takes about 8-minutes.

  - Kernel 4.4.0-73.94~lp1682215: mkfs returns immediately.