Comment 135 for bug 1653456

aljosa (aljosa-p) wrote :

Today I sent the following email to ASUS support:

26 September 2017

Quite a long time ago it's been reported that there's a serious issue with the ASUS G752VS laptop equipped with ELAN touchpad - regardless of which operating system is in use.
Problem is still unsolved: while in Linux the ELAN touchpad starts functioning only after resume from suspend, in Windows the opposite happens - ELAN touchpad stops functioning after resume from suspend!

The good news is that some smart people created a glorious fix for ASUS G752VS touchpad issue. It's been reported that the mentioned fix works both in Windows and Linux:



Linux (comments #130 and 134) :

The bad news is that it is not an official ASUS fix, and that the patch eventually contains a virus.

As an owner of G752VS laptop for which I paid the not so small amount of 2400 euro, I'm very interested to know if ASUS intents to officially fix the long standing issue with ELAN touchpad in the foreseeable future?

Thanks in advance for any replies,
worried Customer.