Comment 133 for bug 1653456

Benjamin Wynne (bwynne) wrote :

After a little research I can sort-of see what's going on. This WinIAP utility seems to come from Elan themselves, and a similar firmware update was distributed officially for an MSI laptop (

Compared to that download, the one from the ROG forum has different md5sum values for the various executables, but that could just mean it's a different version, or it could mean there's malware bundled with it. It's also targeting different hardware, so the firmware file itself is different.

Since it seems that there are similar issues regarding the touchpad and suspend/resume in linux and windows, it seems reasonable to assume that a firmware update could fix it. However, the provenance of the file you linked is suspicious enough that I'm reluctant to install it (thank you for attaching your copy though!).

It seems that Elan only expect to distribute such updates via the manufacturer, so I guess we need to chase ASUS.