Comment 12 for bug 1651005

santi (sdvillal) wrote :

I guess each distro uses its own pace to include updates.

I was too quick to declare victory. In many cases, my touchpad did not work after rebooting. That it was working or not seemed quite random. A similar bug is reported in [1]. After using the workaround of adding "i8042.reset" to the kernel parameters [2], now my touchpad seems to work 100% of the time (but will post if it fails again).

So to summarize, for getting my touchpad to work on arch linux, I needed both to upgrade linux-firmware, libinput and xorg to their testing versions (I suspect the latter are the real culprits) and then add the "i8042.reset" flag to the kernel parameters. None of those two actions would give me a 100% working touchpad on its own, but that could just be bugs of the package versions currently in arch, so your mileage might vary. I hope the "i8042.reset" workaround makes it for you.