Comment 18 for bug 16454

@Daniel T Chen

I urge you to reconsider your decision. The user case is clear:

I am listening to music (not to a CD, not to sound from the input line, it is PCM output). The volume is controlled by the PCM slide. Moving the slide to 0 does not turn the volume off.

I know how to unmute and mute, thanks. That is not the point. Setting the volume slide to 0 should do precisely that: set the volume level to zero. Otherwise there is something odd with the relation between the volume slide value and the actual volume.

All this applies to amixer, so it is an issue with ALSA, not gnome.

Finally, although I have already explained why muting/unmuting is not the point here, it is worth metioning the following: Yes, you are right "Muting PCM does not automatically imply that _all_ output should be muted". However, muting PCM DOES imply that all output THROUGH PCM should be muted. Or are you saying that muting the CD output does not imply that all the output from the CD should be muted?

Therefore, please, revert the status back to Confirmed.