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2016-11-17 14:07:50 Luis Henriques bug added bug
2016-11-17 14:07:51 Luis Henriques tags kernel-stable-tracking-bug
2016-11-17 14:07:52 Luis Henriques bug added subscriber SRU Verification
2016-11-17 14:07:55 Luis Henriques bug added subscriber Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team
2016-11-17 14:08:04 Luis Henriques nominated for series Ubuntu Yakkety
2016-11-17 14:08:05 Luis Henriques bug task added linux (Ubuntu Yakkety)
2016-11-17 14:08:37 Luis Henriques linux (Ubuntu Yakkety): assignee Luis Henriques (henrix)
2016-11-17 14:08:40 Luis Henriques linux (Ubuntu Yakkety): status New In Progress
2016-11-17 14:15:04 Luis Henriques description SRU Justification Impact: The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or a minimally backported form of that patch. The 4.8.7 upstream stable patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu kernel as well. git:// TEST CASE: TBD The following patches from the 4.8.7 stable release shall be applied: SRU Justification     Impact:        The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar        in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to        demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream        by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or        a minimally backported form of that patch. The 4.8.7 upstream stable        patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu        kernel as well.        git://     TEST CASE: TBD        The following patches from the 4.8.7 stable release shall be applied: i2c: rk3x: Give the tuning value 0 during rk3x_i2c_v0_calc_timings i2c: xgene: Avoid dma_buffer overrun i2c: core: fix NULL pointer dereference under race condition drm/dp/mst: Clear port->pdt when tearing down the i2c adapter spi: fsl-espi: avoid processing uninitalized data on error spi: mark device nodes only in case of successful instantiation h8300: fix syscall restarting gpio / ACPI: fix returned error from acpi_dev_gpio_irq_get() gpio: GPIO_GET_CHIPINFO_IOCTL: Fix line offset validation gpio: GPIO_GET_CHIPINFO_IOCTL: Fix information leak gpio: GPIO_GET_LINEHANDLE_IOCTL: Validate line offset gpio: GPIOHANDLE_GET_LINE_VALUES_IOCTL: Fix information leak gpio: GPIO_GET_LINEEVENT_IOCTL: Validate line offset gpio: GPIO_GET_LINEHANDLE_IOCTL: Reject invalid line flags gpio: GPIO_GET_LINEEVENT_IOCTL: Reject invalid line and event flags gpio: GPIOHANDLE_GET_LINE_VALUES_IOCTL: Fix another information leak gpio: GPIO_GET_LINE{HANDLE,EVENT}_IOCTL: Fix file descriptor leak libxfs: clean up _calc_dquots_per_chunk mm/list_lru.c: avoid error-path NULL pointer deref mm/slab: fix kmemcg cache creation delayed issue mm: memcontrol: do not recurse in direct reclaim thermal/powerclamp: correct cpu support check KEYS: Fix short sprintf buffer in /proc/keys show function KEYS: Sort out big_key initialisation security/keys: make BIG_KEYS dependent on stdrng. device-dax: fix percpu_ref_exit ordering ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Syntek STK1160 ALSA: seq: Fix time account regression ALSA: hda - allow 40 bit DMA mask for NVidia devices ALSA: hda - Adding a new group of pin cfg into ALC295 pin quirk table ALSA: hda - Fix surround output pins for ASRock B150M mobo ALSA: hda - Fix headset mic detection problem for two Dell laptops ANDROID: binder: Add strong ref checks ANDROID: binder: Clear binder and cookie when setting handle in flat binder struct cxl: Fix leaking pid refs in some error paths btrfs: fix races on root_log_ctx lists powerpc: Convert cmp to cmpd in idle enter sequence powerpc/mm/radix: Use tlbiel only if we ever ran on the current cpu powerpc/64: Re-fix race condition between going idle and entering guest powerpc/64: Fix race condition in setting lock bit in idle/wakeup code x86/microcode/AMD: Fix more fallout from CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY=y timers: Prevent base clock rewind when forwarding clock timers: Prevent base clock corruption when forwarding timers: Plug locking race vs. timer migration timers: Lock base for same bucket optimization ubifs: Abort readdir upon error ubifs: Fix regression in ubifs_readdir() mei: txe: don't clean an unprocessed interrupt cause. usb: gadget: udc: atmel: fix endpoint name usb: gadget: function: u_ether: don't starve tx request queue USB: serial: fix potential NULL-dereference at probe USB: serial: cp210x: fix tiocmget error handling USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add support for Infineon TriBoard TC2X7 xhci: use default USB_RESUME_TIMEOUT when resuming ports. usb: renesas_usbhs: add wait after initialization for R-Car Gen3 usb: increase ohci watchdog delay to 275 msec GenWQE: Fix bad page access during abort of resource allocation x86/smpboot: Init apic mapping before usage vt: clear selection before resizing hv: do not lose pending heartbeat vmbus packets xhci: add restart quirk for Intel Wildcatpoint PCH xhci: workaround for hosts missing CAS bit tty: limit terminal size to 4M chars arm64: dts: marvell: fix clocksource for CP110 master SPI0 iio:chemical:atlas-ph-sensor: Fix use of 32 bit int to hold 16 bit big endian value Staging: wilc1000: Fix kernel Oops on opening the device dm: free io_barrier after blk_cleanup_queue call KVM: x86: fix wbinvd_dirty_mask use-after-free KVM: s390: Fix STHYI buffer alignment for diag224 KVM: MIPS: Make ERET handle ERL before EXL KVM: MIPS: Precalculate MMIO load resume PC ARM: mvebu: Select corediv clk for all mvebu v7 SoC ARM: dts: fix the SD card on the Snowball nfsd: Fix general protection fault in release_lock_stateid() MIPS: KASLR: Fix handling of NULL FDT ovl: fix get_acl() on tmpfs ovl: update S_ISGID when setting posix ACLs ovl: fsync after copy-up parisc: Ensure consistent state when switching to kernel stack at syscall entry virtio_ring: Make interrupt suppression spec compliant virtio_pci: Limit DMA mask to 44 bits for legacy virtio devices virtio: console: Unlock vqs while freeing buffers dm mirror: fix read error on recovery after default leg failure dm table: fix missing dm_put_target_type() in dm_table_add_target() dm rq: clear kworker_task if kthread_run() returned an error dm raid: fix compat_features validation dm raid: fix activation of existing raid4/10 devices rtl8xxxu: Fix memory leak in handling rxdesc16 packets rtl8xxxu: Fix big-endian problem reporting mactime rtl8xxxu: Fix rtl8723bu driver reload issue Input: i8042 - add XMG C504 to keyboard reset table firewire: net: guard against rx buffer overflows firewire: net: fix fragmented datagram_size off-by-one mac80211: discard multicast and 4-addr A-MSDUs Revert "ath9k_hw: implement temperature compensation support for AR9003+" ath10k: cache calibration data when the core is stopped scsi: scsi_debug: Fix memory leak if LBP enabled and module is unloaded scsi: arcmsr: Send SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command to firmware mmc: dw_mmc-pltfm: fix the potential NULL pointer dereference RAID1: ignore discard error RAID10: ignore discard error md: be careful not lot leak internal curr_resync value into metadata. -- (all) Revert "drm/radeon: fix DP link training issue with second 4K monitor" drm/imx: ipuv3-plane: Switch EBA buffer only when we don't need modeset drm/imx: ipuv3-plane: Access old u/vbo properly in ->atomic_check for YU12/YV12 drm/radeon/si_dpm: Limit clocks on HD86xx part drm/radeon/si_dpm: workaround for SI kickers drm/radeon: drop register readback in cayman_cp_int_cntl_setup drm/nouveau/acpi: fix check for power resources support drm/fb-helper: Don't call dirty callback for untouched clips drm/fb-helper: Fix connector ref leak on error drm/fb-helper: Keep references for the current set of used connectors drm/i915/gen9: fix DDB partitioning for multi-screen cases drm/i915/gen9: fix watermarks when using the pipe scaler drm/dp/mst: Check peer device type before attempting EDID read drm: Release reference from blob lookup after replacing property drm/i915: Respect alternate_aux_channel for all DDI ports drm/i915: Clean up DDI DDC/AUX CH sanitation drm/i915/fbc: fix CFB size calculation for gen8+ drm: i915: Wait for fences on new fb, not old i2c: mark device nodes only in case of successful instantiation netfilter: xt_NFLOG: fix unexpected truncated packet UBI: fastmap: scrub PEB when bitflips are detected in a free PEB EC header uapi: add missing install of sync_file.h video: fbdev: pxafb: potential NULL dereference on error omapfb: fix return value check in dsi_bind() pwm: Unexport children before chip removal usb: dwc3: Fix size used in dma_free_coherent() usb: chipidea: host: fix NULL ptr dereference during shutdown usb: musb: Fix hardirq-safe hardirq-unsafe lock order error v4l: vsp1: Prevent pipelines from running when not streaming tty: vt, fix bogus division in csi_J ARM: fix oops when using older ARMv4T CPUs kvm: x86: Check memopp before dereference (CVE-2016-8630) btrfs: qgroup: Prevent qgroup->reserved from going subzero ubi: fastmap: Fix add_vol() return value test in ubi_attach_fastmap() cpufreq: intel_pstate: Set P-state upfront in performance mode HID: usbhid: add ATEN CS962 to list of quirky devices Linux 4.8.7
2016-11-17 15:08:58 Luis Henriques linux (Ubuntu Yakkety): status In Progress Fix Committed
2016-12-20 18:54:31 Launchpad Janitor linux (Ubuntu Yakkety): status Fix Committed Fix Released
2016-12-20 18:54:31 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2016-6213
2016-12-20 18:54:31 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2016-7039
2016-12-20 18:54:31 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2016-8630
2016-12-20 18:54:31 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2016-8666
2019-10-03 08:44:30 Po-Hsu Lin linux (Ubuntu): status New Invalid