Comment 7 for bug 159521

SixedUp (disposable01) wrote :

FC7 took an eternity to install (over 5 hours) and although I can't be sure (no logs that I could find from the install process), I suspect it was struggling with the same disk "freeze" problems that I've been experiencing under Ubuntu. When it finally finished installing, I rebooted, and it Kernel oops'd because it couldn't bring the raid array online - another hint that it was having big problems with the disks.

At this point I gave up and went to Windows. Which works flawlessly - or at least it does so far ... I'm still throwing files around, but it's certainly looking like the hardware is fine, but that there is a problem somewhere in the Linux support for it. I think I'm out of options on how to move this forward myself now.

I need some help please, as I really don't want to have to build this server around Windows! :-)