Comment 6 for bug 159521

SixedUp (disposable01) wrote :

I went back to 7.04 server (feisty) and it behaves the same way, so this doesn't look like something that's new into 7.10 server.

Also, thanks to running a s/w raid environment, I have some freedom to swap cabling around to eliminate possible hardware errors. So far I have swapped the drives around, and the errors stay with the drive connected to the PCI sata raid card (eliminating the possibility of this being due to a hardware error in one of the drives). I have also swapped ports on the PCI sata raid card, but this time the errors moved to the other port; which really doesn't indicate much.

I think I need to eliminate the possibility of the PCI raid card being faulty next, so I'll try a copy of FC7, and see how that goes, but given the common kernel / driver sources across Linux distros, I suspect I may need to install something like Windows on it to see if the card is really OK or not. All very frustrating.