Comment 11 for bug 159521

SixedUp (disposable01) wrote :

Sorry for delay in responding. The live CD has no support for RAID, so in the end I had to completely reinstall with the new Hardy Alpha2 code, which took a lot more time. Unfortunately there was no improvement at all in the symptoms - all the same problems previously described (timeout, device error, HSM violation etc etc) showed up during the install. Progress was so bad that in the end I terminated the install (of the base OS) after about 2 hours, as it was making no headway against the constant flow of disk errors (as seen in the logs accessed via the CTRL-ALT-F4 key). Frustratingly I couldn't find any way to capture those logs, as I didn't seem able to mount a USB key to the installing system - that could have been my lack of knowledge/problem, but annoying all the same.

Since this is my main server I can't keep this as a test system just for this problem, so I've had to restore my Gutsy system again. I'm now running on only the two integrated "Via" SATA controllers in a RAID 1 configuration (rather than RAID 5) to avoid the drive attached to the Silicon Image PCI card. Since I am now nominally "not using" the 500GB drive attached to the Silicon Image PCI card, I can probably test further suggestions much more easily, as there ought to be no need to install/reimage the server each time, and a live CD ought to be able to get at the Silicon Image controller/drive now.

Let me know what more I can do to help. Thanks