zFCP on s390x problems on zfcp module unloading

Bug #1559784 reported by Rafael David Tinoco on 2016-03-20
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linux (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Right after unloading zFCP module I got:

[ 1432.522123] sysfs group 0000000000b5aa30 not found for kobject '1:0:0:1073823786'
[ 1432.522138] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 1432.522139] WARNING: at /build/linux-RgAt0H/linux-4.3.0/fs/sysfs/group.c:224
[ 1432.522140] Modules linked in: ghash_s390(E) prng(E) aes_s390(E) des_s390(E) des_generic(E) sha512_s390(E) sha256_s390(E) sha1_s390(E) sha_common(E) vmur(E) qeth_l2(E) qeth(E) ccwgroup(E) dasd_eckd_mod(E) dasd_mod(E) zfcp(E-) qdio(E) scsi_transport_fc(E)
[ 1432.522149] CPU: 2 PID: 5873 Comm: rmmod Tainted: G E 4.3.0-2-generic #11-Ubuntu
[ 1432.522151] task: 0000000076f4a9e0 ti: 00000000ed85c000 task.ti: 00000000ed85c000
[ 1432.522152] Krnl PSW : 0704d00180000000 000000000036cbee (sysfs_remove_group+0xbe/0xd0)
[ 1432.522158] R:0 T:1 IO:1 EX:1 Key:0 M:1 W:0 P:0 AS:3 CC:1 PM:0 EA:3
               Krnl GPRS: 0000000000c76c33 0000000000c58e3c 0000000000000045 00000000fb1ac7a0
[ 1432.522160] 000000000036cbea 0000000000000000 0000000078d70050 0000000078d70000
[ 1432.522161] 0000000080000000 00000000f93df000 0000000078d7e010 0000000000000000
[ 1432.522162] 00000000ed85c000 0000000000b5aa30 000000000036cbea 00000000ed85fa78
[ 1432.522168] Krnl Code: 000000000036cbde: c020002bc358 larl %r2,8e528e
                          000000000036cbe4: c0e5fff7144a brasl %r14,24f478
                         #000000000036cbea: a7f40001 brc 15,36cbec
                         >000000000036cbee: e340f0c00004 lg %r4,192(%r15)
                          000000000036cbf4: ebaff0a00004 lmg %r10,%r15,160(%r15)
                          000000000036cbfa: 07f4 bcr 15,%r4
                          000000000036cbfc: 0707 bcr 0,%r7
                          000000000036cbfe: 0707 bcr 0,%r7
[ 1432.522177] Call Trace:
[ 1432.522179] ([<000000000036cbea>] sysfs_remove_group+0xba/0xd0)
[ 1432.522183] [<0000000000575a44>] device_del+0x5c/0x268
[ 1432.522184] [<0000000000575c90>] device_unregister+0x40/0x98
[ 1432.522186] [<00000000004d9b0c>] bsg_unregister_queue+0x74/0xd8
[ 1432.522189] [<00000000005aff76>] __scsi_remove_device+0xe6/0x118
[ 1432.522192] [<00000000005adaca>] scsi_forget_host+0xca/0xf8
[ 1432.522193] [<000000000059fa86>] scsi_remove_host+0xbe/0x1c8
[ 1432.522200] [<000003ff800496a6>] zfcp_scsi_adapter_unregister+0x9e/0xc8 [zfcp]
[ 1432.522202] [<000003ff8003b55e>] zfcp_adapter_unregister+0x7e/0xc0 [zfcp]
[ 1432.522205] [<000003ff8003c876>] zfcp_ccw_remove+0x28e/0x2b0 [zfcp]
[ 1432.522207] [<0000000000604814>] ccw_device_remove+0x44/0x210
[ 1432.522209] [<000000000057a9fe>] __device_release_driver+0xa6/0x150
[ 1432.522211] [<000000000057b782>] driver_detach+0x11a/0x120
[ 1432.522212] [<000000000057a342>] bus_remove_driver+0x82/0x118
[ 1432.522214] [<000003ff8004bdd2>] zfcp_module_exit+0x2a/0x258 [zfcp]
[ 1432.522217] [<00000000001caf6c>] SyS_delete_module+0x1c4/0x210
[ 1432.522221] [<000000000076dbfe>] system_call+0xd6/0x264
[ 1432.522222] [<000003ffb0f6e416>] 0x3ffb0f6e416
[ 1432.522223] Last Breaking-Event-Address:
[ 1432.522224] [<000000000036cbea>] sysfs_remove_group+0xba/0xd0
[ 1432.522225] ---[ end trace 2e7b1c668b02f90a ]---
[ 1432.522430] sysfs group 0000000000b5aa30 not found for kobject '1:0:0:1073823786'
[ 1432.522434] ------------[ cut here ]------------

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apport-collect 1559784

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Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

Hm, Rafael, do we get the same with a more recent kernel? Should be 4.4 something by now...

modinfo zfcp; for i in {1..1000}; do echo "Try $i"; modprobe zfcp; lsmod | grep -q zfcp && echo ok-here; rmmod zfcp; lsmod | grep zfcp || echo ok-gone; done
filename: /lib/modules/4.4.0-15-generic/kernel/drivers/s390/scsi/zfcp.ko
license: GPL
description: FCP HBA driver
author: IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH - <email address hidden>
srcversion: 342AF26FBC6A761648C34AB
alias: ccw:t1731m03dt1732dm04*
alias: ccw:t1731m03dt1732dm03*
depends: qdio,scsi_transport_fc
intree: Y
vermagic: 4.4.0-15-generic SMP mod_unload modversions
parm: queue_depth:Default queue depth for new SCSI devices (uint)
parm: dif:Enable DIF/DIX data integrity support (bool)
parm: allow_lun_scan:For NPIV, scan and attach all storage LUNs (bool)
parm: datarouter:Enable hardware data router support (default on) (bool)
parm: no_auto_port_rescan:no automatic port_rescan (default off) (bool)
parm: port_scan_backoff:upper limit of port scan random backoff in msecs (default 500) (uint)
parm: port_scan_ratelimit:minimum interval between port scans in msecs (default 60000) (uint)
parm: dbfsize:number of pages for each debug feature area (default 4) (uint)
parm: dbflevel:log level for each debug feature area (default 3, range 0..6) (uint)
parm: device:specify initial device (charp)
Try 1
Try 2

you get the idea, worked until 1000.

Therefore the bug is invalid with a recent kernel

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status: In Progress → Invalid
status: Invalid → Fix Released
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
milestone: xenial-updates → none
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