Comment 14 for bug 1534345

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

The ifquery segfaults should be safe to ignore. I see those a lot but those don't seem to have any impact (yeah, probably should be fixed at some point ... if there were not always more pressing matters). Your in-house utility, hard to say without knowing more about what causes the segfault there. If the kernel interfaces were all well written it should not be possible but of course they are not.
If you really get crashes (in the sense guest goes away completely like before) with 4.0, could you post me a console stacktrace. That should be different to some degree as the timer code changes were not done before 4.2.
Kexec crashdump only works on HVM guests if you were not using PV drivers for network and disk. Which could make the problem go away (as well as any good performance). To make it work with PV drivers needs a very recent kernel (I think 4.4) as well as some support on the host side (which there is no control over on AWS).