Comment 13 for bug 1502772

Shih-Yuan Lee (fourdollars) wrote :

I didn't use any preseed config. I just download the mini.iso and make an installation USB stick by it.
Then I plug the USB stick into a laptop that only has an eMMC system storage inside to do the installation test manually.
During the installation, I will connect to Internet to download other udeb packages and this is the usual usage for mini.iso. works and /proc/version_signature shows "Ubuntu 4.2.0-16.19-generic 4.2.3". doesn't work and /proc/version_signature shows "Ubuntu 3.19.0-30.33-generic 3.19.8-ckt6". works and /proc/version_signature shows "Ubuntu 3.19.0-32.37~14.04.1-generic 3.19.8-ckt7". doesn't work and /proc/version_signature shows "Ubuntu 3.16.0-52.71~14.04.1-generic 3.16.7-ckt8". works and /proc/version_signature shows "Ubuntu 3.13.0-67.110-generic 3.13.11-ckt27".

It is expected that "Ubuntu 3.13.0-67.110-generic 3.13.11-ckt27", "Ubuntu 3.19.0-32.37~14.04.1-generic 3.19.8-ckt7" and "Ubuntu 4.2.0-16.19-generic 4.2.3" work and "Ubuntu 3.19.0-30.33-generic 3.19.8-ckt6" doesn't work.

It is not expected that "Ubuntu 3.16.0-52.71~14.04.1-generic 3.16.7-ckt8" doesn't work but we don't maintain utopic now so it is probably OK.

The only problem left now is that is not up to date.