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Mark Sapiro (msapiro) wrote :

@penalvch Since you have asked me to not make further changes I won't, but Invalid as defined in certainly does not apply to this bug either, and I don't really see why Fix Released does not apply. Granted, I wasn't able to pinpoint a specific package version between 4.4.0-21 and 4.4.0-38 in which it was fixed, but it is fixed in 4.4.0-38.

Also it is still applicable to 3.19.0-18 and subsequent releases in that series so it probably should be nominated for that series per "Warning /!\ If the bug stills affects an older Ubuntu release, please nominate it for that series. Otherwise people won't know it isn't fixed there!".

In any case, the politics of this doesn't interest me so I will leave it to others to do the right thing.