Comment 13 for bug 1372609

Despernal (despernal) wrote :

All the patch does in a boiled down fashion is if it detects a FocalTech touchpad it sets it to use the generic ps2 mouse emulations mode.
It then resets the the i8024 as it has a problem with the probing.

What this means is that all you get is just a generic touchpad with left and right click no scrolling on the side of the pad or anything special.

It is like setting psmouse.proto=bare if the patch was not there it would just read a PS/2 Generic Mouse in detection.

Looking at what Hans is talking about in the other bug report this is a proprietary touchpad and we either need the company to release some code or there will have to be a reverse engineering which could take awhile.

I am contemplating returning this laptop as it is under the 30 days for me between then and the fact that yellow looks like mustard lol.