Comment 21 for bug 1349768

Tero Marttila (terom) wrote :


I can confirm that this issue is no longer present with the Linux 3.13.0-33-generic #58~lp1349768v2v201407300928 kernel as installed from above. Rebooting into the given kernel results in dnsmasq-tftp transfers working fine, and no related dmesg errors occur.

Apologies for the delay. I was away, and had to reproduce this in a test environment first.

Do tell me if you would still like a minimal reproducer to track down the issue further, and I can work on getting something like that up. AFAICT it would involve dnsmasq with enable-tftp/tftp-root and a libvirt-qemu domain with <boot dev='network'> , requesting the ubuntu-installer amd64 linux kernel over TFTP, with the ip_vs modules loaded and a trivial ipvs ruleset applied on the server.