Comment 46 for bug 1348890

I've been referenced to this bug by Aaron after reporting my findings on non-working Fn+F5/F6 with ASUS UX32LN ultrabook in #92391. Looks like my situation is somewhat similar to what Josh got on his UX301 which isn't surprising keeping in mind the same manufacturer and pretty similar hardware configs of these ultrabooks.

What I have on my UX32LN is uninitialized CADL region and uninitialized SANV.DIDX which is expected to contain ID of eDP panel which is in turn expected to conform to pattern ((ID & 0x0F00) == 0x400).

Reading SSDT code it seems that firmware expects didl to contain max 15 entries (_DOD method does not contain logic to return more active devices) which might be a problem in my case which leads to uninitialized CADL - as far as I understand correctly current version of i915 drm in the mainline kernel does not enumerate more than 8 DIDL entries.

I would like to check if my problem could be fixed by using Jani's opregion-didl branch but it seems it had diverged into two separate refs: didl and didl-3.18.
Which one should I use to compile a testing kernel? What Kconfigs are essential to be enabled/disabled for testing purposes and providing valuable debug output?

Thanks in advance for your help.