Comment 8 for bug 132042

sc00ter (gosdenj) wrote :

Just had the same problem occur again, tried the usual combinations or ifdown/ifup, iwlist scan, etc/init.d/networking restart etc. as detailed above, all with the usual negative results.

I then followed the advice give here:

I issued the following commands:

sudo ifdown wlan0
sudo rmmod rtl8187

Waited a few seconds ... and then:

sudo modprobe rtl8187
sudo ifup wlan0

Wireless networking then started working without the need of a reboot.

NOTE: rtl8187 is my network driver, for the Realtek 8187 USB2 device ID:0bda:8187

Wireless network seemed to have stopped working during an FTP upload operation (using gFTP 2.0.18). I'm able to reproduce this EVERYTIME for large number of files I'm uploading (700+).

The wireless network seems to drop at around 73% of files transferred, which is approx. 590+ files. The total amount of data that was being transferred, is no more than 4.5MB.

NOTE: This problem does not occur using wired-networking.