Comment 84 for bug 1304001

I have created one PPA located at :

Containing both fixes to address this issue:

commit 3dcf63677d4eb7fdfc13290c8558c301d2588fe8 (already present in Trusty)
Author: David Vrabel <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Sep 1 18:52:44 2014 +0100
xen/balloon: cancel ballooning if adding new memory failed

commit fd8b79511349efd1f0decea920f61b93acb34a75 (cherry-picked from upstream)
Author: Boris Ostrovsky <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Oct 7 17:00:07 2014 -0400
xen/balloon: Don't continue ballooning when BP_ECANCELED is encountered

So users can test the fix and provide us feedback.

Thank you

Rafael Tinoco