Comment 57 for bug 1304001

Thor Nolen (tnolen) wrote :

This option is incompatible with PCI hotplug. This is a known problem. We recommend Canonical disable this option as does upstream. From that note:

      Inside dom0, yes?

      Looking at the balloon driver, it doesn't seem to handle dom0 (or domUs
      with PCI devices passed-through) very well because it doesn't check the
      memory map before attempting to hotplug additional memory so it ends up
      overlapping a region that is already reserved. This is is particularly
      common if you booted Xen with dom0_mem=max:MMM as the host's memory
      beyond MMM is still in dom0's memory map (marked as UNUSABLE).

      I suggest disabling CONFIG_XEN_BALLOON_MEMORY_HOTPLUG for now.


      David Vrabel