Comment 40 for bug 126140

Adam McDaniel (adamrmcd) wrote :

Tested on EeePC 900 (Realtek ALC62 rev1) using Hardy (Alsa 1.0.16) with the powersaving technique quoted by Sitsofe.

This is still a problem. The device will not shutdown if snd_hda_intel is still loaded.

Interesting side note #1: A known issue with snd_hda_intel is that the CPU never reaches C3 state while this module is loaded, according to powertop. Even after setting the power_save parameter, it never makes it there.

Interesting side note #2: Forcing the module to reload with "sudo alsa force-reload" will allow the CPU to move into C3, but playing anything out out of the soundcard keeps something active in the module as the C3 state is no longer attainable.

So, what's my point? :) ... If the CPU is able to reach C3 state with snd_hda_intel loaded, the device can power-off properly without manually unloading the module.