Comment 39 for bug 124406

Confirmed for me, too. This happened when I was using Firefox, right after I had typed a long response in some forum...and now it's gone :( . VERY annoying. This happened in Fiesty and possibly Edgy as well.

* Ubuntu Gutsy
* ATI x1100 with standard proprietary fglrx drivers installed
* Acer Aspire 5050 laptop (using its keyboard)
* I was getting a "Composite extension is not available" error when enabling desktop effects, and installing xserver-xgl per this thread helped:

I have a desktop running an nVidia 8800GTS with the most recent nVidia drivers installed, but I don't recall this happening there. This DID happen on another (MSI) laptop I had which had an ATI x1600 mobility video card.

I appreciate the efforts with Compiz/Xgl/Beryl/Compiz-Fusion. Hope this gets fixed.