Comment 23 for bug 1241505

>The fix works I can confirm as well. Though, it is not permanent.

For the time being, it is better to force ohci_pci in "/etc/sysconfig/kernel"

The trouble with putting it in that "mkinitrd" script, is that if the script is update, that will lose your changes. On one of my beta installs, I have seen that script updated twice. The bug we are discussing has still not been fixed in the updated script.

To whomever is responsible: it is important to get the fix in before RC1.

I had planned to install Beta1 in an encrypted LVM, but held off because of this problem. I will install RC1 in that encrypted LVM (on an affected computer). But, if the bug is not fixed by then, I will run into problems. I will have to go to rescue mode, edit in a fix, and "mkinitrd" from rescue mode, before I can boot the new system for the first time. This is not satisfactory. WE NEED THAT FIX NOW.