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2013-10-17 17:08:59 Brad Figg bug added bug
2013-10-17 17:09:01 Brad Figg tags kernel-stable-tracking-bug
2013-10-17 17:09:02 Brad Figg bug added subscriber SRU Verification
2013-10-17 17:09:11 Brad Figg bug added subscriber Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team
2013-10-17 17:09:14 Brad Figg nominated for series Ubuntu Quantal
2013-10-17 17:09:16 Brad Figg bug task added linux (Ubuntu Quantal)
2013-10-17 19:20:00 Brad Figg description SRU Justification Impact: The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally backported form of that patch. The upstream stable patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu kernel as well. git:// TEST CASE: TBD The following patches are in the stable release: SRU Justification     Impact:        The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar        in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to        demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream        by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally        backported form of that patch. The upstream stable        patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu        kernel as well.        git://     TEST CASE: TBD        The following patches are in the stable release: Linux dmaengine: imx-dma: fix callback path in tasklet dma: fix comments dmaengine: imx-dma: fix lockdep issue between irqhandler and tasklet dmaengine: imx-dma: fix slow path issue in prep_dma_cyclic ext4: avoid hang when mounting non-journal filesystems with orphan list mwifiex: fix memory corruption when unsetting multicast list staging: comedi: ni_65xx: (bug fix) confine insn_bits to one subdevice Smack: Fix the bug smackcipso can't set CIPSO correctly ib_srpt: always set response for task management powerpc/vio: Fix modalias_show return values powerpc/iommu: Use GFP_KERNEL instead of GFP_ATOMIC in iommu_init_table() powerpc/sysfs: Disable writing to PURR in guest mode powerpc: Fix parameter clobber in csum_partial_copy_generic() ib_srpt: Destroy cm_id before destroying QP. USB: serial: option: Ignore card reader interface on Huawei E1750 mwifiex: fix NULL pointer dereference in usb suspend handler mwifiex: fix hang issue for USB chipsets p54usb: add USB ID for Corega WLUSB2GTST USB adapter rtlwifi: Align private space in rtl_priv struct Bluetooth: Add support for BCM20702A0 [0b05, 17cb] Bluetooth: Fix encryption key size for peripheral role Bluetooth: Fix security level for peripheral role Bluetooth: Add a new PID/VID 0cf3/e005 for AR3012. ASoC: 88pm860x: array overflow in snd_soc_put_volsw_2r_st() ASoC: max98095: a couple array underflows sparc64: Fix off by one in trampoline TLB mapping installation loop. sparc64: Remove RWSEM export leftovers sparc64: Fix ITLB handler of null page esp_scsi: Fix tag state corruption when autosensing. sparc64: Fix not SRA'ed %o5 in 32-bit traced syscall sparc32: Fix exit flag passed from traced sys_sigreturn fanotify: dont merge permission events gianfar: Change default HW Tx queue scheduling mode ll_temac: Reset dma descriptors indexes on ndo_open dm9601: fix IFF_ALLMULTI handling ipv6 mcast: use in6_dev_put in timer handlers instead of __in6_dev_put ipv4 igmp: use in_dev_put in timer handlers instead of __in_dev_put bonding: Fix broken promiscuity reference counting issue net: flow_dissector: fix thoff for IPPROTO_AH via-rhine: fix VLAN priority field (PCP, IEEE 802.1p) ipv6: udp packets following an UFO enqueued packet need also be handled by UFO netpoll: fix NULL pointer dereference in netpoll_cleanup ip: generate unique IP identificator if local fragmentation is allowed ip: use ip_hdr() in __ip_make_skb() to retrieve IP header bridge: Clamp forward_delay when enabling STP resubmit bridge: fix message_age_timer calculation net: sctp: fix ipv6 ipsec encryption bug in sctp_v6_xmit net: sctp: fix smatch warning in sctp_send_asconf_del_ip caif: Add missing braces to multiline if in cfctrl_linkup_request usb: dwc3: pci: add support for BayTrail USB: Fix breakage in ffs_fs_mount() hwmon: (applesmc) Check key count before proceeding usb/core/devio.c: Don't reject control message to endpoint with wrong direction bit USB: fix PM config symbol in uhci-hcd, ehci-hcd, and xhci-hcd staging: vt6656: [BUG] main_usb.c oops on device_close move flag earlier. drm/i915/dp: increase i2c-over-aux retry interval on AUX DEFER xhci: Ensure a command structure points to the correct trb on the command ring xhci: Fix oops happening after address device timeout drm/radeon: disable tests/benchmarks if accel is disabled x86/reboot: Add quirk to make Dell C6100 use reboot=pci automatically dm-snapshot: fix performance degradation due to small hash size dm snapshot: workaround for a false positive lockdep warning ALSA: compress: Fix compress device unregister. x86, efi: Don't map Boot Services on i386 serial: pch_uart: fix tty-kref leak in dma-rx path serial: pch_uart: fix tty-kref leak in rx-error path xhci: Fix race between ep halt and URB cancellation video: mxsfb: Add missing break mm, memcg: give exiting processes access to memory reserves cpqarray: fix info leak in ida_locked_ioctl() cciss: fix info leak in cciss_ioctl32_passthru() tg3: Expand led off fix to include 5720 tg3: Don't turn off led on 5719 serdes port 0 cgroup: fail if monitored file and event_control are in different cgroup workqueue: cond_resched() after processing each work item Revert "sctp: fix call to SCTP_CMD_PROCESS_SACK in sctp_cmd_interpreter()" HID: usbhid: quirk for N-Trig DuoSense Touch Screen HID: Fix Speedlink VAD Cezanne support for some devices isofs: Refuse RW mount of the filesystem instead of making it RO perf tools: Handle JITed code in shared memory cfq: explicitly use 64bit divide operation for 64bit arguments perf: Fix perf_cgroup_switch for sw-events perf: Clarify perf_cpu_context::active_pmu usage by renaming it to ::unique_pmu sfc: Fix efx_rx_buf_offset() for recycled pages drm/ttm: fix the tt_populated check in ttm_tt_destroy() usb: gadget: fix a bug and a WARN_ON in dummy-hcd net: usb: cdc_ether: Use wwan interface for Telit modules drm/radeon: fix panel scaling with eDP and LVDS bridges HID: multitouch: validate indexes details HID: logitech-dj: validate output report details HID: validate feature and input report details HID: add usage_index in struct hid_usage. HID: LG: validate HID output report details HID: zeroplus: validate output report details HID: provide a helper for validating hid reports sched/fair: Fix small race where child->se.parent,cfs_rq might point to invalid ones drm/ast: fix the ast open key function drm/radeon/atom: workaround vbios bug in transmitter table on rs880 (v2) Linux kernel-doc: bugfix - multi-line macros Revert "zram: use zram->lock to protect zram_free_page() in swap free notify path" [SCSI] sd: Fix potential out-of-bounds access ASoC: mc13783: add spi errata fix ALSA: hda - Add Toshiba Satellite C870 to MSI blacklist cifs: ensure that srv_mutex is held when dealing with ssocket pointer crypto: api - Fix race condition in larval lookup ARM: PCI: versatile: Fix SMAP register offsets ARM: PCI: versatile: Fix map_irq function to match hardware MIPS: ath79: Fix ar933x watchdog clock intel-iommu: Fix leaks in pagetable freeing memcg: fix multiple large threshold notifications mm: fix aio performance regression for database caused by THP mm/huge_memory.c: fix potential NULL pointer dereference ocfs2: fix the end cluster offset of FIEMAP powerpc: Default arch idle could cede processor on pseries drm/i915: try not to lose backlight CBLV precision HID: check for NULL field when setting values HID: picolcd_core: validate output report details HID: ntrig: validate feature report details HID: pantherlord: validate output report details libceph: use pg_num_mask instead of pgp_num_mask for pg.seed calc exynos4-is: Fix entity unregistration on error path exynos4-is: Fix fimc-lite bayer formats hdpvr: fix iteration over uninitialized lists in hdpvr_probe() v4l2: added missing mutex.h include to v4l2-ctrls.h DocBook: upgrade media_api DocBook version to 4.2 s5p-g2d: Fix registration failure fuse: invalidate inode attributes on xattr modification fuse: postpone end_page_writeback() in fuse_writepage_locked() HID: battery: don't do DMA from stack HID: input: return ENODATA if reading battery attrs fails drm/radeon: fix init ordering for r600+ radeon kms: fix uninitialised hotplug work usage in r100_irq_process() drm/radeon: fix handling of variable sized arrays for router objects drm/radeon: fix resume on some rs4xx boards (v2) drm/radeon: fix LCD record parsing drm/radeon: update line buffer allocation for dce6 drm/radeon: update line buffer allocation for dce4.1/5 drm/radeon: fix endian bugs in hw i2c atom routines drm/edid: add quirk for Medion MD30217PG of: Fix missing memory initialization on FDT unflattening HID: validate HID report id size mmc: tmio_mmc_dma: fix PIO fallback on SDHI brcmsmac: Fix WARNING caused by lack of calls to dma_mapping_error() ath9k: avoid accessing MRC registers on single-chain devices ath9k: fix rx descriptor related race condition powerpc: Handle unaligned ldbrx/stdbrx libceph: unregister request in __map_request failed and nofail == false ath9k: always clear ps filter bit on new assoc net: ipv6: tcp: fix potential use after free in tcp_v6_do_rcv ipv6: Don't depend on per socket memory for neighbour discovery messages ICMPv6: treat dest unreachable codes 5 and 6 as EACCES, not EPROTO net: bridge: convert MLDv2 Query MRC into msecs_to_jiffies for max_delay ipv6: drop packets with multiple fragmentation headers ipv6: remove max_addresses check from ipv6_create_tempaddr tun: signedness bug in tun_get_user() 8139cp: Fix skb leak in rx_status_loop failure path. ipv6: don't stop backtracking in fib6_lookup_1 if subtree does not match macvtap: do not zerocopy if iov needs more pages than MAX_SKB_FRAGS tcp: cubic: fix bug in bictcp_acked() tcp: cubic: fix overflow error in bictcp_update() fib_trie: remove potential out of bound access bonding: modify only neigh_parms owned by us neighbour: populate neigh_parms on alloc before calling ndo_neigh_setup net: check net.core.somaxconn sysctl values htb: fix sign extension bug tipc: fix lockdep warning during bearer initialization xen/events: mask events when changing their VCPU binding cifs: don't instantiate new dentries in readdir for inodes that need to be revalidated immediately Bluetooth: Add support for Atheros [0cf3:e003] Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support for ID 0x13d3/0x3402 Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support for Fujitsu Lifebook UH5x2 [04c5:1330] Bluetooth: Add support for Mediatek Bluetooth device [0e8d:763f] iwlwifi: dvm: don't send BT_CONFIG on devices w/o Bluetooth target: Fix trailing ASCII space usage in INQUIRY vendor+model regmap: silence GCC warning ALSA: hda - hdmi: Fallback to ALSA allocation when selecting CA USB: fix build error when CONFIG_PM_SLEEP isn't enabled ACPI / EC: Add ASUSTEK L4R to quirk list in order to validate ECDT ACPI / EC: Add HP Folio 13 to ec_dmi_table in order to skip DSDT scan USB: OHCI: Allow runtime PM without system sleep usb: xhci: Disable runtime PM suspend for quirky controllers usb: ehci-mxc: check for pdata before dereferencing staging: comedi: dt282x: dt282x_ai_insn_read() always fails USB: mos7720: fix big-endian control requests USB: mos7720: use GFP_ATOMIC under spinlock rculist: list_first_or_null_rcu() should use list_entry_rcu() ASoC: wm8960: Fix PLL register writes xhci-plat: Don't enable legacy PCI interrupts. USB: handle LPM errors during device suspend correctly USB: cdc-wdm: fix race between interrupt handler and tasklet usb: config->desc.bLength may not exceed amount of data returned by the device xen-gnt: prevent adding duplicate gnt callbacks [SCSI] sg: Fix user memory corruption when SG_IO is interrupted by a signal Bluetooth: Add support for Foxconn/Hon Hai [0489:e04d] ALSA: ak4xx-adda: info leak in ak4xxx_capture_source_info() drm/vmwgfx: Split GMR2_REMAP commands if they are to large drm/i915: ivb: fix edp voltage swing reg val SUNRPC: Fix memory corruption issue on 32-bit highmem systems ALSA: opti9xx: Fix conflicting driver object name ath9k_htc: Restore skb headroom when returning skb to mac80211 iwl4965: fix rfkill set state regression
2013-11-08 00:35:21 Launchpad Janitor linux (Ubuntu Quantal): status New Fix Released
2013-11-08 00:35:21 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2013-1819
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2013-11-08 17:30:46 Julian Wiedmann linux (Ubuntu): status New Invalid