Comment 5 for bug 1233175

Louis Bouchard (louis) wrote :


Lois was provided with a custom kernel that includes a patch to be tested. The patch comes from apw, following a kernel dump analysis that I did. From what we could gather, a possible race condition could be responsible for the panics.

So far, I have yet to get the confirmation from Lois that ONLY the kernel with the custom patch has fixed the problem, or that a newer kernel have stabilized the situation.

Since the 3.8.* kernel is available on precise, I'm not sure that identifying the specific commit that fixes the issue would be useful. Even if we identify the commit, a backport might not be posssible.

I would advise to go to the newer kernel

I'm sorry if this bug appears to be inactive, but the long period w/o any comment is caused by the fact that the issue does not happen on regular intervals