Precise update to 3.2.44 stable release

Bug #1174914 reported by Steve Conklin on 2013-04-30
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Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
       backported form of that patch. The 3.2.43 and 3.2.44 upstream stable
       patch sets are now available. They should be included in the Ubuntu
       kernel as well.



       The following patches are in the 3.2.43 and 3.2.44 stable releases:

* Linux 3.2.44
* sched: Convert BUG_ON()s in try_to_wake_up_local() to WARN_ON_ONCE()s
* KVM: Allow cross page reads and writes from cached translations.
* KVM: Fix bounds checking in ioapic indirect register reads (CVE-2013-1798)
* KVM: x86: Convert MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME to use gfn_to_hva_cache functions (CVE-2013-1797)
* KVM: x86: fix for buffer overflow in handling of MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME (CVE-2013-1796)
* hfsplus: fix potential overflow in hfsplus_file_truncate()
* fbcon: fix locking harder
* mtd: Disable mtdchar mmap on MMU systems
* r8169: fix auto speed down issue
* block: avoid using uninitialized value in from queue_var_store
* ALSA: hda - fix typo in proc output
* ALSA: hda - Enabling Realtek ALC 671 codec
* msi-wmi: Fix memory leak
* drm/i915: add quirk to invert brightness on Packard Bell NCL20
* drm/i915: add quirk to invert brightness on eMachines e725
* drm/i915: add quirk to invert brightness on eMachines G725
* DRM/i915: Add QUIRK_INVERT_BRIGHTNESS for NCR machines.
* drm/i915: panel: invert brightness acer aspire 5734z
* drm/i915: panel: invert brightness via quirk
* drm/i915: panel: invert brightness via parameter
* Btrfs: fix race between mmap writes and compression
* writeback: fix dirtied pages accounting on redirty
* thermal: return an error on failure to register thermal class
* net: fix incorrect credentials passing
* kernel/signal.c: stop info leak via the tkill and the tgkill syscalls
* hugetlbfs: add swap entry check in follow_hugetlb_page()
* ARM: 7698/1: perf: fix group validation when using enable_on_exec
* ARM: 7696/1: Fix kexec by setting outer_cache.inv_all for Feroceon
* ath9k_hw: change AR9580 initvals to fix a stability issue
* can: sja1000: fix handling on dt properties on little endian systems
* of: introduce helper to manage boolean
* ath9k_htc: accept 1.x firmware newer than 1.3
* ARM: Do 15e0d9e37c (ARM: pm: let platforms select cpu_suspend support) properly
* vfs: Revert spurious fix to spinning prevention in prune_icache_sb
* kobject: fix kset_find_obj() race with concurrent last kobject_put()
* kref: Implement kref_get_unless_zero v3
* Btrfs: make sure nbytes are right after log replay
* tracing: Fix possible NULL pointer dereferences
* target: Fix incorrect fallthrough of ALUA Standby/Offline/Transition CDBs
* target: Fix MAINTENANCE_IN service action CDB checks to use lower 5 bits
* x86, mm: Patch out arch_flush_lazy_mmu_mode() when running on bare metal
* x86, mm, paravirt: Fix vmalloc_fault oops during lazy MMU updates
* tracing: Fix double free when function profile init failed
* spinlocks and preemption points need to be at least compiler barriers
* ASoC: wm8903: Fix the bypass to HP/LINEOUT when no DAC or ADC is running
* can: gw: use kmem_cache_free() instead of kfree()
* PM / reboot: call syscore_shutdown() after disable_nonboot_cpus()
* ftrace: Consistently restore trace function on sysctl enabling
* sched_clock: Prevent 64bit inatomicity on 32bit systems
* powerpc: pSeries_lpar_hpte_remove fails from Adjunct partition being performed before the ANDCOND test
* alpha: Add irongate_io to PCI bus resources
* ALSA: usb-audio: fix endianness bug in snd_nativeinstruments_*
* hwspinlock: fix __hwspin_lock_request error path
* ata_piix: Fix DVD not dectected at some Haswell platforms
* libata: Set max sector to 65535 for Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH drive
* libata: Use integer return value for atapi_command_packet_set
* rt2x00: rt2x00pci_regbusy_read() - only print register access failure once
* crypto: gcm - fix assumption that assoc has one segment
* hrtimer: Don't reinitialize a cpu_base lock on CPU_UP
* USB: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: ssu100: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: spcp8x5: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: pl2303: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: oti6858: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: mos7840: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: mos7840: fix broken TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: mct_u232: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: io_ti: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: io_edgeport: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: ftdi_sio: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: cypress_m8: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: ch341: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: ark3116: fix use-after-free in TIOCMIWAIT
* USB: serial: fix hang when opening port
* USB: serial: add modem-status-change wait queue
* Linux 3.2.43
* HID: microsoft: do not use compound literal - fix build
* bonding: get netdev_rx_handler_unregister out of locks
* smsc75xx: fix jumbo frame support
* pch_gbe: fix ip_summed checksum reporting on rx
* net: add a synchronize_net() in netdev_rx_handler_unregister()
* ks8851: Fix interpretation of rxlen field.
* ipv6: don't accept node local multicast traffic from the wire
* ipv6: fix bad free of addrconf_init_net
* ipv6: don't accept multicast traffic with scope 0
* DM9000B: driver initialization upgrade
* atl1e: drop pci-msi support because of packet corruption
* aoe: reserve enough headroom on skbs
* drivers: net: ethernet: davinci_emac: use netif_wake_queue() while restarting tx queue
* bonding: fix disabling of arp_interval and miimon
* bonding: remove already created master sysfs link on failure
* unix: fix a race condition in unix_release()
* bonding: fix miimon and arp_interval delayed work race conditions
* thermal: shorten too long mcast group name
* 8021q: fix a potential use-after-free
* tcp: undo spurious timeout after SACK reneging
* tcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO
* sky2: Threshold for Pause Packet is set wrong
* sky2: Receive Overflows not counted
* loop: prevent bdev freeing while device in use
* NFS: nfs_getaclargs.acl_len is a size_t
* udf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with small block size
* key: Fix resource leak
* rt2x00: error in configurations with mesh support disabled
* ixgbe: fix registration order of driver and DCA nofitication
* mm: prevent mmap_cache race in find_vma()
* EISA/PCI: Init EISA early, before PNP
* spi/mpc512x-psc: optionally keep PSC SS asserted across xfer segmensts
* virtio: console: add locking around c_ovq operations
* virtio: console: rename cvq_lock to c_ivq_lock
* tile: expect new initramfs name from hypervisor file system
* reiserfs: Fix warning and inode leak when deleting inode with xattrs
* usb: ftdi_sio: Add support for Mitsubishi FX-USB-AW/-BD
* Btrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb
* tg3: fix length overflow in VPD firmware parsing
* b43: A fix for DMA transmission sequence errors
* can: sja1000: fix define conflict on SH
* iommu/amd: Make sure dma_ops are set for hotplug devices
* vt: synchronize_rcu() under spinlock is not nice...
* Nest rename_lock inside vfsmount_lock
* nfsd4: reject "negative" acl lengths
* staging: comedi: s626: fix continuous acquisition
* usb: xhci: Fix TRB transfer length macro used for Event TRB.
* SUNRPC: Add barriers to ensure read ordering in rpc_wake_up_task_queue_locked
* IPoIB: Fix send lockup due to missed TX completion
* ASoC: dma-sh7760: Fix compile error
* NFSv4.1: Fix a race in pNFS layoutcommit
* pnfs-block: removing DM device maybe cause oops when call dev_remove
* sysfs: handle failure path correctly for readdir()
* sysfs: fix race between readdir and lseek
* net/irda: add missing error path release_sock call
* xen-blkback: fix dispatch_rw_block_io() error path
* rtlwifi: usb: add missing freeing of skbuff
* ath9k_hw: revert chainmask to user configuration after calibration
* Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:817a]
* HID: usbhid: fix build problem
* HID: usbhid: quirk for MSI GX680R led panel
* HID: usbhid: quirk for Realtek Multi-card reader
* tty: atmel_serial_probe(): index of atmel_ports[] fix
* Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:0036]
* Bluetooth: Device 0cf3:3008 should map AR 3012
* Bluetooth: Add support for atheros 04ca:3004 device to ath3k
* Bluetooth device 04ca:3008 should use ath3k
* Bluetooth: Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489:e056]
* Bluetooth: Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489:e04e]
* Bluetooth: Add support for GC-WB300D PCIe [04ca:3006] to ath3k.
* Bluetooth: Add support for IMC Networks [13d3:3393]
* UBIFS: make space fixup work in the remount case
* ASoC: imx-ssi: Fix occasional AC97 reset failure
* clockevents: Don't allow dummy broadcast timers

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apport-collect 1174914

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tags: added: precise
Brad Figg (brad-figg) wrote :

This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. Please test the kernel and update this bug with the results. If the problem is solved, change the tag 'verification-needed' to 'verification-done'.

If verification is not done by one week from today, this fix will be dropped from the source code, and this bug will be closed.

See for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you!

tags: added: verification-needed-precise
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2013-05-13
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2013-05-13
tags: removed: verification-needed-precise

The verification of this Stable Release Update has completed successfully and the package has now been released to -updates. Subsequently, the Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team is being unsubscribed and will not receive messages about this bug report. In the event that you encounter a regression using the package from -updates please report a new bug using ubuntu-bug and tag the bug report regression-update so we can easily find any regresssions.

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