Comment 21 for bug 1109029

Unit 193 (unit193) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package plymouth - 0.9.2-3ubuntu1

plymouth (0.9.2-3ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Merged from debian unstable (first time ever…) Remaining changes:
    - include ubuntu theme logos:
      themes/ubuntu-logo/*, debian/source/include-binaries.
    - debian/libplymouth4.apport: add Apport hook.
    - Ship ubuntu-logo instead of debian-logo (debian/rules and
    - Ship debian/source_plymouth.apport apport hook (debian/rules).
    - Add plymouth-label as a separate package and makes themes depending on
      it (debian/control, debian/plymouth-label.install,
    - As log-viewer is disabled by default upstream and now in debian, don't
      ship its man page (debian/plymouth.links).
    - Ship plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo and plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text specific
      themes (debian/plymouth-theme-ubuntu-* and debian/control) and add
      Recommends on it | plymouth-theme to accommodate flavors.
    - Remove debian/patches/0003-default-theme.patch as we handle our defaults
      via alternatives. (and refresh debian/patches/0008-show-delay.patch)
    - debian/patches/misc-changes.patch: old undocumented inline changes.
      export a new symbol added in debian/libplymouth4.symbols.
    - debian/patches/avoid-sigpipe.patch:
      Use first a socket connection before fallbacking to regular write()
    - debian:patches/details-short-prompt.patch: When we display bullets in the
      ubuntu details theme, shorten the prompt.
    - debian/patches/details-remove-separator.patch: Removed explicit printing
      of ':'.
    - debian/patches/details-update-status.patch: Implement update status (U)
      splash plugin function for details plugin, imply display those updates
      as text messages.
    - debian/patches/initramfsless-boot.patch: support intramfsless boot.
    - debian/patches/fix-split-writes.patch: fix split writes for long server
    - debian/patches/ubuntu-add-splash-option.patch: add "splash" option as a
      condition to trigger plymouth.
    - debian/rules:
      - disable optimization is noopt found in $DEB_BUILD_OPTION
      - enable -Werror
      - use ubuntu-themes background color
    - debian/local/<initramfs scripts>: export OPTION=FRAMEBUFFER for user's
      command line argument explicitly disabling framebuffer.
    - We use alternatives instead of plymouth-set-default-theme tool:
      + debian/plymouth-themes.{prerm,postinst}: ensure we select one default
       plymouth logo and text themes through alternatives even when we remove
       ubuntu-base ones.
      + debian/rules, debian/plymouth.{install,links), don't ship non
        non alternative-based theme policy files and tools.
      + update plymouth.README.Debian to tell to use update-alternative
        instead of set-default-theme
      + change debian/local/plymouth.hook to use update-alternative to get
        default theme instead of set-default-theme. Also, don't copy
        deleted files to initramfs.
    - Add Breaks: against older themes versions as they are shipping in /lib
      instead of /usr/share.
  * Noticeable changes from previous ubuntu version:
    - Follow debian in moving all renderers from /lib to /usr/lib
    - Follow debian as well in moving all themes from /lib to /usr/share
      and handle transition removing older /lib/plymouth/theme generated files.
    - Renamed all ubuntu_logo* to ubuntu-logo* to follow debian naming. Do
      something comparable with all our assets and adapt scripts to it.
    - Renamed debian/libplymouth4.apport to debian/source_plymouth.apport
      as we install it under this name.
    - Cleaning up deprecated transitions in maintainer scripts and package
    - Log viewer has been disabled in upstream build for quite a while and
      is now not built either in debian. Follow this changes. We can re-enable
      it if there is a need but systemd logs should be generally enough.
    - Update ubuntu specific package description to match debian's one.
    - Following debian change, we disable plymouth splash with !nosplash as
      a kernel command parameter.
    - All patches needed some adapation as upstream changed its identation from
      2 to 8 space characters.
    - debian/plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text.postrm: clean up generated postinst
      ubuntu-text plymouth metafile.
    - we do select one default theme when no ubuntu related themes are
      installed from the default plymouth theme package (spinner theme). If
      you don't want to install an ubuntu plymouth theme and select another
      one from the default set manually, update the alternative.
    - add missing lsb-release dep on plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text
  * ubuntu old changelog containing debian-like packaging version has been
    copied to debian/changelog.ubuntu.old in the source package.

 -- Didier Roche <email address hidden> Wed, 02 Dec 2015 09:41:06 +0100