Comment 34 for bug 1065400

Jesse Sung (wenchien) wrote :

Hi Christophe,

According to the dmesg, it looks more like a "can't locate the file" instead of "file in wrong format". So please double check to make sure the btusb module can get the file it wants.

Reload the btusb module can make it reload firmware.
# modprobe -r btusb && modprobe btusb
But from time to time, if a wrong firmware is loaded, the module itself will hang. Depend on the design, you may need to disable bluetooth and re-enable it again via hotkey, reboot, or even power off and remove the power cord (and/or battery) to make it work again.

And yes it's normal to have the firmware in hcd format and named as that because that's what the code expect it to be. :)