Comment 153 for bug 1065400

The btusb driver is built into the kernel. There is no separate package.

On Nov 19, 2015, groby <email address hidden> wrote:
>Bluetooth seems to work now on my computer. I made a mistake by
>installing btusb. I got the driver from a dropbox-folder somewhere in
>the internet, and additionally I had to install a dkms-package. It's a
>little bit strange for me that I coudn't find the btusb-driver linked
>on any Ubuntu-Distribution Site or in the Softwarecentre. You find only
>some different dkms-packeges, which I tried beforer, to get bluetooth
>working (without any result of course!).
>I think it would be helpful, to upload the btusb-driver on the
> Site!
>If it's already on it, please send me a link.