Comment 39 for bug 1041883

Tim Gardner (timg-tpi) wrote :

jsalisbury - so it looks like it might be something Ubuntu specific since mainline 3.5.2 works for peterrus. I would start by resetting to f0d8bd83c3d4db8ae76df8a894eac04d441e887d which is Ubuntu-3.5.0-10.10 on the Ubuntu-3.5.0-11.11 branch (which also includes 3.5.2). Make sure this still works. If so, then bisect between Ubuntu-3.5.0-11.11 and f0d8bd83c3d4db8ae76df8a894eac04d441e887d:

git reset --hard Ubuntu-3.5.0-11.11
git bisect start
git bisect good f0d8bd83c3d4db8ae76df8a894eac04d441e887d
git bisect bad Ubuntu-3.5.0-11.11