Comment 19 for bug 1029582

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This happened early May on drm-next somewhere between 4f256e8..d3029b4, and is still there in 3.5rc3 (and in current drm-next).

Things are smeared out vertically. Looks like desktop background is not corrupted. By turning off "EXABitmaps" there is less corruption.

I haven't done git bisecting, only download bisecting from and v3.4-rc6-295-g4f256e8 from May 8th was good and v3.4-rc6-315-gd3029b4 from May 10th was bad. Unfortunately the build from May 9th has been deleted in the meantime so I can not narrow it down further this way. So the commits in question should be:

d3029b4 drm/radeon/kms: fix warning on 32-bit in atomic fence printing
f2e3922 drm/radeon: make the ib an inline object
f237750 drm/radeon: remove r600 blit mutex v2
68470ae drm/radeon: move the semaphore from the fence into the ib
7c0d409 drm/radeon: immediately free ttm-move semaphore
c507f7e drm/radeon: rip out the ib pool
a8c0594 drm/radeon: simplify semaphore handling v2
c3b7fe8 drm/radeon: multiple ring allocator v3
0085c950 drm/radeon: use one wait queue for all rings add fence_wait_any v2
557017a drm/radeon: define new SA interface v3
2e0d991 drm/radeon: make sa bo a stand alone object
e6661a9 drm/radeon: keep start and end offset in the SA
711a972 drm/radeon: add sub allocator debugfs file
a651c55 drm/radeon: add proper locking to the SA v3
dd8bea2 drm/radeon: use inline functions to calc sa_bo addr
8a47cc9 drm/radeon: rework locking ring emission mutex in fence deadlock detection v2
3b7a2b2 drm/radeon: rework fence handling, drop fence list v7
bb63556 drm/radeon: convert fence to uint64_t v4
d6999bc drm/radeon: replace the per ring mutex with a global one
133f4cb drm/radeon: fix possible lack of synchronization btw ttm and other ring

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