Comment 24 for bug 1021471

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

Repeating the comment in the upstream bug I just made:

I added debugging to dev_hold and dev_put as Eric suggested and used the reproducer attached to this bug. What I saw was creation and destruction would be balanced. However on the connect call, there were another two dev_hold() calls that seem to be exactly those references not been returned.

                    +1 = 8
                  rt_set_nexthop.isra.45+0x131/0x2d0 ?

Unfortunately the stack traces miss the details about going into ip_route_connect, but with more printks I know that ip_route_output_flow() is the one failing with -EINVAL.
Comparing functions between 3.5 and current linux-HEAD I was not very successful in spotting the important difference.