Comment 21 for bug 1021471

Bryan Wu (cooloney) wrote :

From Eric's reply, I found this issue is a little bit complex to backport some patches from 3.6-rc1, because from 3.5 to 3.6-rc1 some fundamental stuffs were changed.

As I recall the routing cache was removed between 3.5 and 3.6-rc1 so there are
some significant changes to the fundamentals.

What to look for failure of dev_hold and dev_put to pair.

The kernel configuration may play a role. I remember times when there was a
small bug in ipv6 multicast routing with respect to this. So a more minimal
configuration may not reproduce the problem.

I would also assume that the different reproducers exercise different code
so you are probably dealing with more than one bug, between the ubuntu and the
debian bug trackers.

I hope those hints help.

But we won't use 3.6 kernel for our Quantal release.