Comment 1 for bug 349478

Colin Ian King (colin-king) wrote :

SRU justification:

Impact: Newer Atheros L1c NICs with PCI ID's 0x1969:1067 and 0x1969:1063
do not have carrier sense detected by NetworkManager - hence
NetworkManager cannot sense ethernet cable plug/unplug events.

Fix: Patch attached - enable ethtool support in driver to allow
NetworkManager detect that the L1c NICs have carrier sense capability.

Testcase: Without the patch, boot up the machine without the cable
attached and then plug in the cable and nothing happens - no network
connection is configured - uplug and plug and nothing happens. With the
patch repeated ethernet cable plug/unplug actions work and the NIC is
correctly configured by NetworkManager.


This patch simply turns on ethtool support L1c NICs - the ethtool source
code already existed in the driver but was not originally enabled or
compiled in.

Note that the patch does not enable ethtool support for the L1e NICs
(also supported in the driver) because this code is applicable only for
older versions of the kernel.