Comment 10 for bug 121415

On 7/17/07, Sarah Hobbs <email address hidden> wrote:
> "I could repro this prob with 2.6.22-6-generic on an HP/Compaq 6710b but
> with 2.6.22-7-generic it works correctly."
> Okay, so we've got one user who sees this fixed in gutsy - is anyone
> else in current gutsy still seeing this?

After a bit more usage, I have to revise the above statement: it works
better, but not entirely correct. With 2.6.22-7 and 2.6.22-8 what I am
seeing is that if I

 - boot w wireless off
 - no wireless device in gnome network manager!
 - suspend to disk
 - wakeup enabling wireles very early
 - I have a wireless device!