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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1527374: CVE-2015-8709 Undecided Confirmed 165 weeks

From: Kamal Mostafa
Link: ptrace-being-capable-wrt-a-process-requires-mapped-u.patch


Bug #1265024: TLS register TPIDRURW not preserved on context switch and fork Medium Incomplete 266 weeks

From: Martin Storsjö
Link: 0001-ARM-7735-2-Preserve-the-user-r-w-register-TPIDRURW-o.patch


Bug #1191970: vmlinux is not an object file Undecided New 296 weeks

From: cfriedt
Link: blah.patch

patch to prefix 'size' with $(CROSS_COMPILE)

Bug #863314: Panda hangs in suspend Undecided New 385 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-disable-SUSPEND-support.patch


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