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diegoe (diegoe-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

Attached tar contains a r818x version that is patched to be built with 2.6.24, the source code is from and adapted by a guy in their forum (search it if you wanna credit it, probably he's already credited in the source files).
I repeat that the svn version does not work, this patched version works, I didn't really care on producing a patch after I got this thing working. All I know is that I'll not upgrade my kernel if there's no good reason to have to do it and hence rebuild the driver...

It needs some love though, I couldn't get it to install but insmoding it works fine.

This driver works perfectly, I have been stress testing it and so far it has no problems with uploading or WEP keys, I haven't tested WPA.