Comment 89 for bug 122560

decaren (adam-ayd) wrote :

Works (kinda) on my Acer Extensa 4620-4605. You have to switch between devices in the Alsa mixer to control the headphones and the onboards separately. Headphones are really low and that's the only reason I say kinda. Using Sony 7506s so not cheap set either. Just a side note, I just bought the laptop on Thursday, started with SuSE 10.3 on a dual boot with Vista. Used it all weekend till last night when I got fed up with trying to get fixes for SuSE to get the "new" hardware in this thing recognized. Installed Ubuntu Studio last night (Monday) and have been flying ever since. With the exception of my headphones and my Wifi not working, everything came right up. Quick fix on the wifi and took a little digging, but found a fix here for the headphones. Thanks guys, keep the linux revolution rolling. Now running 4 linux desktops (2 Ubuntu Servers, 1 Kubuntu, 1 Ubuntu Studio) and 2 linux desktops (1 Ubuntu Studio, 1 Xubuntu). No windows in my house, I didn't like to look outside anyway :)