Comment 73 for bug 67810

Francesco Pretto (ceztko) wrote :

> Early reports indicate that this patch likely does NOT solve the problem.

The fact is that this is not a bug/regression of the kernel. It's a lack of feature.
The early original patch here, , that was already merged, need mandatory changes in userspace, so changes to upstart shutdown(8) or workaround as described in some posts here. The definitive patches here:

are probably too much invasive to be merged in a stable, distro customized kernel, but don't need changes in userspace (beacuse they use a kernel-space workaround, already scheduled for removal). So, from a distro perspective, there are few options:
1) Keep original early patch and modify upstart shutdown(8) now (i was waiting for the definitive patches to be merged in 2.6.22-rc before submitting a bug to upstart...);
2) Merge the definitive patches;
3) || die

From a user perspective, simply use the early patch (that should be already merged in ubuntu 2.6.20 kernel, right?) plus the workarounds described here by Martin Ko├čler and More.