Comment 129 for bug 67810

Kaur Männamaa (kaurman) wrote :

keatliang2005, I think that a slight click on shutdown is perfectly normal. Still, the sound you are hearing may not be the usual shutdown click but the bug. As far as I know you can pretty easily make sure if you are suffering from the bug or not:

1)Go to terminal, press F11 (to achieve full screen view) and type:

2)sudo apt-get install smartmontools

3) sudo smartctl --device=ata --attributes /dev/sda (This command presumes that your hdd is indeed known as sda)

4)Now look at the raw value of Power-Off_Retract_Count

5) Shut your system down by typing 'sudo shutdown -h now' (yes, 'now' is needed in the command as it sets the time of the shutdown) Then wait until the system shuts down and start it up again

6) Now repeat steps 3-4 and see if the number has grown. If it has, there's definitely something wrong but if it hasn't everything is probably fine with the parking.

Still, I have to say that I am definitely not an expert and so my conclusions may be wrong. It would be nice if someone would confirm my theory or state against it.