Comment 16 for bug 63418

I installed Edgy three days ago, and have since probably booted my Lenovo X60s 20 times without any problems.
Today I dualbooted into Win XP and checked for BIOS updates.
I installed the 1.10 BIOS, rebooted, and have now tried four times to boot into Edgy with the same result each time:

[17179611.784000] BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!

During the BIOS upgrade, the windows driver for the Intel PRO/Wireless was updated as well, but I reckon this only affects Windows, not Ubuntu or the BIOS. ...or?

My most important question: how can I at least boot into Ubuntu again - can I do something in the boot loader menu (adding commands) to perform a "safe boot" or something?