Comment 9 for bug 59338

psl (slansky) wrote :

I am not sure about this but I think it could be possible that kernel could be improved in the way that CMOV instruction will be emulated by software when not presented in CPU. Like in the old times when only some computers had FPU support in the sillicon and software FPU emulation was compiled to the kernel. I am not sure if this concept could work for CMOV and I have no idea what will be the cost of such emulation (I don't have idea how frequent CMOV instruction is in the code and how difficult is it to emulate CMOV). I saw somewhere other solution for some VIA based board; to enable i686 but disable CMOV instructions by flag for gcc; I think gcc has to be patched to be able to generate i686 code without CMOV instructions.

Only ideas...