Comment 244 for bug 57502

I should maybe say that the irqpoll did not work for me with the 8.04
live cd. In stead i had to disconnect the hard discs that was connected
to the ICH8 controller and install on the hard disc connected to the
jmicron controller. Then, when the system was installed, I could connect
the other hard discs again and use the irqpoll option. I don't know if
it is the bootloader on the live cd, or if the live cd uses another
kernel than the installed system (it could be that as my dvb tuner did
not show up on the live cd).


Pii wrote:
> Thank you very much guys! I'm now happily running the 8.04 on my box!
> The irqpoll arqument without "". And now I can run Ubuntu! Boots every
> time!!! :).