Comment 59 for bug 43745

Sergio Callegari (callegar) wrote :

Please, please, can somebody help clarify the following:

- shouldn't this problem appear in flashing evidence in the "Known issues" section of the release notes of Dapper? Since Dapper is "LTS" one can expect it to be installed even after Edgy is released and people should be warned about potential (though fixable) damages to their hardware (even if in the end it should turn out that it is Dell fault). Please, remember how the situation was managed when there was a Mandrake distro that was dangerous to LG cdrom readers...

- is this bug also in edgy as the previous note seems to suggest? Is edgy going to be released with this bug unclosed? In this case, shouldn't the above be considered also for the release notes of edgy?

- giving big big evidence to this problem couldn't be useful not just to save users from getting burned with it, but possibly also to get support from kernel people or even Dell in dealing with it?

- at what level of confidence one can consider this thing to be "ubuntu-specific" and not related to a general kernel/system software issue that for some reasons is only exposed more frequently by Dapper?

- can somebody indicate a "mean time between rtc failures" under "normal" laptop usage conditions (2-3 boots a day) ?