Comment 52 for bug 43745

Catalin Iacob (cataliniacob) wrote :


I've searched the web for this problem and here is an idea I found. It makes sense so I'm thinking it might be the answer to what causes the bug. This is why I post it here so that Ben Collins can check it out:

"Just on of those late night thoughts as I reread some of this. What
if the problem is that Linux somehow uses access to the CMOS in a way
that tends to draw down the battery? That would make having a new,
fresh battery (well connected) a critical item, and would explain why
some posters (your name) have problems that come back "after a few
days" (battery more used or in a colder enviornment??) and why there
are so many 6400s out there with no such problem and why those with
the problem seem to be unable to predict when it will happen or not."

Also, has anyone tried the rtc-resume.c?

Good luck solving the bug. As soon as it's fixed I might reconsider and buy a Dell laptop. Otherwise not since I can't live without Ubuntu :-)