Comment 30 for bug 43745

Klaus Reimer (kay) wrote :

Ken, I think your problem is a different one. The "thorough" boot mode made things worse for me. When the CMOS clock is corrupted then my D820 was still able to boot but the hardware clock was no longer working and the counter in the grub boot menu was no longer counting down. The "Time-of-day-clock stopped" error appears when the BIOS does a thorough check once (which is also done when a BIOS setting is changed) while the CMOS clock is corrupted. During my extreme-rebooting tests I had activated Thorough boot mode so I can immediately see when the BIOS gets corrupted. So at least for the Latitude D820 the "thorough" boot mode does not fix the "time-of-day clock stopped" error. That's why I think that your problem may have nothing to do with this bug. Or maybe your laptop reacts totally different to this bug than other laptops.