Comment 29 for bug 43745

Ken (ken-waggies) wrote :

I don't know what the "Time-of-day clock stopped" error is. My laptop just froze after the BIOS had finished booting, with a blank screen flashing a cursor.
As I said, using the 'thorough' boot mode fixed this. Dapper runs without problem now.

To those who wish to clear out their CMOS RAM... My laptop was delivered DOA. The tech on on the other end of the support phone line told me to hold down the power button for longer than 15 seconds, to zero out the CMOS. Maybe that is all you need to do. She didn't suggest I remove the battery. (However she also got me to remove the RAM modules, which I think was pretty stupid.) -In the end a technician came out and replaced the motherboard. That's what I get for buying on price!