Comment 33 for bug 22336

I am experiencing the same problem here on a Fujitsu-Siemens Notebook (Amilo A1650G) with a Mobile Sempron 3400+.

It happened on Ubuntu 6.06 so I switched to Suse 10.1 because 10.0 worked fine a few months ago. But now I have the same problem as descriped above - so maybe it is not a problem with Ubuntu but a problem with a new version of a certain software.

When the CPU switches to 2000 MHz, the Notebook switches off within 5 minutes when the cpu-load keeps being high, /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZS0/temperature showing ~75 °C.

The problem doesn't occur when running very cpu-intensive applications on windows.

One thing seems very strange to me - I often read on several websites, that my notebook doesn't even have a sensor for the temperature, and on previous versions of Suse and Ubuntu I could not get any temperatures, the same on windows.

When I let the system run at 2000 MHz for a while and switch it manually to 800 MHz the temperature shown falls down from ~75 to ~50 within a second.