Comment 240 for bug 22336

iMatt (anti-spam-imatt) wrote :

My T60p overheating problem with 7.10 appears to be solved.

I did a BIOS upgrade to version 2.21 from the IBM/Lenovo website. Released 2008/02/13.

The temperature skyrocketed when I ran a cpuburn test (up past 80C for 20 mins) but it wouldn't lock up. Minutes prior to the update, the machine would lock up in the 60-65C range.

It also appears the fan is running about 600rpm faster by default. Verified by "cat /proc/acpi/ibm/fan". I no longer have to physically set the fan to speed "7" anymore.

This leads me to believe it wasn't solely a CPU temperature issue, as the machine can run MUCH warmer now without lockup.
To all out there experiencing this issue, check for a BIOS upgrade - it just may fix the problem.

Should the problem reoccur I will post up.